810x90, 815x105

815 x 105 Blockley tyre made to the correct tall diameter dimension, just as they were in period. Many 815x105 tyres available from classic tyre wholesalers have smaller diameter, irrespective of what is quoted. The 815x105 Blockley beaded edge / clincher tyre is the very best beaded edge tyre that you can buy, and one you can use with full confidence.

Type Beaded Edge
Rim diameter 815x105 Rim
Tread width 106mm
Overall diameter 839mm
Rim width (recommended) 815x105 Rim only

(£274.80 inc. vat)


This fantastic, properly researched, superb quality Blockley tyre is the only 815x105 available that has the correct taller diameter - all other brands being far too small. So if you are after a 815x105 tyre, this is as close as you can get to the correct dimensioned original size. And this 815x105 tyre was made because there was nothing made that we would want to use ourselves, which we make on new tooling and moulds with robust construction to the highest quality,

815x105 was a size used on many Edwardian cars such as Peugeot, Gladiator, Darracq, DeDion and so many more vehicles of around the 2.5 to 3 litre engine size. Note that the wheel rim size for the 815x105 tyre also fitted other tyre sizes in period which are no longer available, so if for example your car was originally fitted with a tyre size 810x90 or 815x120 you can fit this 815x105 tyre as a direct replacement to the same wheel rim.

These Blockley tyres allow you to experience the delightful looks and light steering that the cars were designed for, without the trauma of continual breakdowns and unreliability, which is why so many people have unfortunately converted their cars to later well base rims. These 815x105 Blockley tyres are the best beaded edge tyres ever produced, not only because they are produced to period specifications, but also by using improved materials that were unavailable at the time, which means they grip well, are good in teh wet , yet will last almost indefinitely!

Don't forget to also use the 815x105 Blockley inner tube with this tyre, which is unlike anything else available, and which is why we had to produce the tubes to suit as well. There is nothing available like what we produce, and remember this Blockley 815x105 inner tube is made for the 815x105 size and that tyre size only, whereas other tubes available will be made to fit all sorts of tyre sizes, often even referred to as a "Combo" tube presumably short for the combination of tyres it is supplied for. If you want trouble free motoring, then fit the perfect product. And because we also make all Blockley tubes out of the best tube material (butyl), along with the original period thickness to them, you will not need to be pumping the tyres up every time you want to use the car!

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