815x105 Inner Tube

Blockley 815x105 Beaded edge thick butyl inner tube with nickle plated metal stem, as they looked in period. It is really imperative that every beaded edge tyre has its own specific beaded edge tube, unlike what else has been pushed on people for decades by the Classic Wholesaler "experts". These people sell you the same tube marked up with a myriad of hugely differing sizes, and supply the same tube for whatever tyre you have ! And this is why we have had to make tubes at Blockley, doing it properly as it should be. Yet by selling direct the price of our perfect products are little different to what the experts are flogging.

(£50.40 inc. vat)


For interest the Michelin 815x120 tube is marked up "935x135, 895x135, 880x120, 815x105", typical of what big companies do to save money and give their wholesaler agents big margins to sell this unsuitable stuff. But the agents are smart enough not to advertise the tubes like this. Alongside each tyre like 815x105 they would put a tube which they say is 815x105, not that this tube fits a colossal 935x135 also. . .  Note that this is four very different sizes of tube, amalgamated in one which is why things don't work (while Blockley correctly make 4 tubes to cover their one). Just imagine how much misery these Michelin tubes have caused people over the last few decades, while their wholesaler agents persuade you that you need the best and because they are Michelin, and see how thick they are and we know what were doing so lets take your money!

Blockley make one beaded edge tube per tyre because that is how it should be and that is how things were, but this costs a lot to do. In our case 4 times as much because Blockley is makimng 4 lots of tooling and stock compared to one, yet our Blockley tubes cost no more. This will give you a little insight into the rip off that is the Classic Vintage tyre, and tubes, market!