The Blockley 880 x 120. A Fantastic beaded edge tyre you can use with total confidence, having the correct taller "in period" diameter (unlike other tyres currently sold). These Blockleys are the best 880x120 tyres ever produced. Blockley have made a range of beaded edge/clincher tyres only because of what else is available, which does not inspire confidence, and we are not impressed with. We also make a bespoke 880x120 inner tube (made from the best inner tube material butyl) for this 880x120 tyre that fits correctly, unlike for example a Michelin tube where tyre sizes 935x135, 895x135, 880x120 and 815x105 all get covered with the same inner tube!

Type Beaded Edge
Rim diameter 880x120 Rim
Tread width 121mm
Overall diameter 885mm
Rim width (recommended) 880x120 Rim Only

(£322.80 inc. vat)


Note that you will see our Blockley 880x120 tyre listed on wholesaler tyre sites elsewhere that we do not deal with, listing our 880x120 Blockley tyres at extortionate prices presumably to make our 880x120 Blockley look more costly compared to the other brands they want to sell - so beware - they are only listing Blockley to try and get Blockley enquiries elsewhere!

The 880x120 tyre size was also referred to in period sometimes as 35x5. Many British cars such as Bentleys and Vauxhalls that were destined for 'the Colonies' were fitted with this taller 880 x 120 size to increase the ground clearance over the standard 820 x 120. Of course many cars are designed with this 880 x 120 as standard. The Blockley 880 x 120 tyre really is something special and was used in many successive Goodwood Members meetings on the 1916 twin cam 4.9L Indianapolis Sunbeam to good effect. It was also used on the 200hp 21.5 litre Blitzen Benz at the same event SF Edge Trophy Race.  This is just a taster of how good these Blockley beaded edge tyres are when fitted with the correct Blockley inner tubes (we produce one dedicated tube size per tyre) giving total reliability on longevity for road use. Please note that it is imperative that customers use the correct Blockley inner tube with the tyres, because only Blockley manufacture a correct fitting superior quality 880x120 inner tube, whereas the Wholesaler suppliers sell you the same individual tube for many tyre sizes, and tell you that is okay !

These 880x120 Blockley tyres are the best beaded edge tyres ever produced, researched and built from scratch with new made moulds and tooling, with the tyres tested on our own cars, by ourselves and others. These Blockley 880x120 are produced to period specifications with good sidewalls and robust construction, in a correct fashion, in addition to being able to use improved materials that were unavailable at the time - which is why we say these Blockleys really are the best beaded edge tyrtes ever made. A truly wholesome product, unlike everything else available which in our opinion are "made for profit" rather than made for use with handling and longevity. The Blockley range of beaded edge tyres allows you to experience the delightful looks and light steering that the cars were designed around, without the trauma and unreliability of the products supplied by the Classic Tyre wholesalers, which is unfortunately why so many people have been forced or recommended away from beaded edge and on to more modern wheels and tyres on the advice of these so called "experts". 

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