TR13-TR15 Plastic Valve Hole Spacer

A plastic collar or ferrule that converts a standard TR13 valve stem into a TR15 size stem.

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This plastic collar or ferrule converts a standard 11.5mm TR13 valve stem diameter into the next size up 16mm diameter TR15 valve stem. This is for when the hole in the wheel rim needs the larger diameter stem size. This larger 16mm hole (the actual size was .635 inches) was common on the wheels of many vehicles in the earlier post war period on cars such as XK Jaguars, Austin Healey and a huge variety of other cars, although today they are known more for Land Rover and Range Rovers. Many German cars also had this such as BMW 503 and 507, and no doubt many others. We have also come across wheels that have been subsequently drilled out, no doubt where a larger stem tube must have been used in the wheel at some stage in its life! One day we should try and compile an exhaustive list of cars that used the larger TR15 stem size from new. . . .

In period you could buy an inner tube with a larger valve stem diameter (called TR15) but this is something no longer vailable, so instead you slide this spacer coller over the valve stem for a snug fit in the wheel.

Note that if you are using a metal stem TR11 you do not require this collar, because the external nut centralises the stem. This collar is only for use with the standard rubber TR13 stem.

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