Austin - Austin Maxi

The Austin Maxi introduced in 1969 was Britains first hatchback design, the last car built by BMC before it became part of British Leyland. It was designed by the Mini designer Alec Issigionis, and had a transverse engine with a 5 speed gearbox, probably the earliest use of a 5 speed in a family 4 door car. Originally 1485cc capacity, the E series engine was used as standard and by 1971 the 1750cc engine and twin carburettor Maxi 1750HL and HLS version got the car to close on 100 mph. For 1980 the 2 litre range was introduced.The Austin Maxi was produced until 1981. The Maxi name was in a way appropriate for the transverse front wheel drive integral gearbox sharing the engine oil, as this bigger unit was a Maxi version of the original Mini set up. This car should have been far more successful in the marketplace than it was, but it was let down by its build qualityand a few faults that should have been picked up before production started.

Austin Maxi tyre size, we would recommend the Blockley tyre size 165HR13 for all models of the Austin Maxi.

Blockey Products for Austin Austin Maxi

155/165x13 Standard Inner Tube

Blockley Standard Inner Tube

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£69.00 (£82.80 inc. VAT)