Fiat - Fiat 128

Fiat 128 was built from 1969 to 1985, using the engine of the X-19 (designed by Lampredi) and gearbox with the rest of the car designed by Dante Giacosta. It was a 4 door and Fiats first front wheel drive car, which had a particularly large interior. Issigonis had invented the compact front wheel drive concept but it was Giacosta who really perfected the way to do this as demonstrated with the Fiat 128, his method becoming the standard car industry method afterwards. This was an important milestone in design.

The Fiat 128 styling was modelled on the earlier 124/125 models with 2 engine options of 1100 cc or 1300 cc, fitted in a 2 or 4 door body with a estate version Familiare version coming a year later. The 1300cc Rally (or Rallye)  was the 2 door sports version with a bored out engine which was tuned and fitted with a Weber Carburettor. For 1971 the Fiat 128 Coupe was produced, also called the Fiat 128 Sport, on a shortened frame.

Fiat 128 tyre size was 145R13 for all models - Fiat 128, Fiat 128S , Fiat 128 SL , Fiat 1100 , Fiat 1300 and Fiat Rally (Rallye) and even Fiat 124 Estate. Blockley produces the perfect 145R13 tyre for all the Fiat 128 models, with correct diameter steel belted construction, with period correct tread pattern. See full detasils of this 145R13 tyre below:

Blockley Products for Fiat Fiat 128

13/14 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£62.00 (£74.40 inc. VAT)