Fiat - Fiat Campagnola

The Fiat Campagnola was built from 1951 as a Jeep type military vehicle known as the Model 1101, and built largely unaltered through to 1973. The engine was an overhead valve petrol 4 cylinder of 1900cc, whereas the models 1102 (and later 1102A, B and C versions) were diesel engines of the same capacity. These were also built under licence as the Zastava AR51 and Zastava AR55 in Communist Serbia (part of Yugoslavia) which had ties with Fiat.

The Campagnola was updated for 1974 to the Nueva Campagnola (model 1107) with a stroked version based on the Fiat 132 engine bringing it to a 2 litre capacity, with a larger diesel 2.5 litre option. Production continued to 1987.

Fiat Campagnola tyre size was originally 6.40x16 and later 6.50x16 with off road type tread pattern. By 1973 the "Nueva Campagnola" was fitted with 7.00x17 tyres. The ideal tyre today for both the original Campagnola and the Nueva Campagnola, giving it the best handling possible, would be our radial 205R16 M+S tyre size - see full details at the link below:

Blockley Products for Fiat Fiat Campagnola

600/650Lx16 extra thick Inner Tube

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205R16 M+S

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