Ford - Capri X-Pack

The X-Pack Capri performance option was available between 1977 and 1980 on the 3 litre Mk2 and Mk3 Ford Capri models. On mainland Europe some 100 or so X-Pack Capris were supplied (painted white with a blue stripe) in the years 1979 and 1980. These Capris were marketed as the "Capri 3.0 RS" . The items required for these genuine 130 mph road cars included larger ventilated front disc brakes, limited slip differential and a choice of upgraded engines with larger valves fitted to the Essex 3 litre V6, which produced between 170 and 185 bhp depending on what the customer requested. There were many suspension changes as well, with gas filled shock absorbers, different springs and so on. Plus of course the fibre glass bodywork kit to contain the wider wheels and tyres within the confines of the bodywork. A customer could purchase the X-Pac kit through Ford Motorsport and then have the conversion work carried out by Ford Motorsport to the customers existing car, or one could order a new vehicle direct from Ford Motorsport. 

X-Pack Capri tyre size was originally 235/60VR13 from the factory, fitted to 7.5 inch rim width wheels. Blockley Tyre Co. is the only company that produces this high speed rated and period correct 235/60VR13 tyre size, which is made to the best quality possible, as are all Blockley products. This 235/60VR13 tyre can be fitted to a rim width of up to 9 inches. See full details of this 235/60VR13 tyre size below:

Blockley Products for Ford Capri X-Pack


Blockley Radial

£169.00 (£202.80 inc. VAT)