Hillman - Hillman Hunter

The Hillman Hunter first appeared in 1966, shortly before Roots were taken over by Chrysler. \The new Hunter replaced the Minx and Super Minx models. A totally new and modern body style using the existing 1725cc design overhead valve Super Minx, but with 5 main bearings and another 10bhp extracted from it, although a 1500cc version was also available as the Hillman Hunter DeLuxe. In 1972 the Hunter GLS model was added, with a further 20 bhp from the tuned twin Weber Holbay tuned engine. The last Hillman Hunters were made in 1979.

The original tyre size for the Hillman Hunter was 165R13

Blockey Products for Hillman Hillman Hunter

155/165x13 Standard Inner Tube

Blockley Standard Inner Tube

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