Iso - Iso Lele

The Iso Lele was first shown in 1969 with 2+2 bodywork design by Marcello Gandini at Bertone, this was a replacement for the 2+2 Rivolta that had first been shown in 1962. The father Renzo Rivolta had died very young in 1966, and his 26 year old son Pierro saw this project through. Rachelle (Lele) was the name of the young Pierros wife. The chassis was basically the same Bizzarini design as the Rivolta IR 300 with alterations as needed. Although the Lele was originally powered by the Chevrolet small block, part way through 1972 the engine source was changed over to the larger capacity 5.7 litre Ford 351 cubic inch. Production of the Iso Lele continued to 1974.

Iso Lele tyre size was originally fitted with 215/70VR15 size, and we would suggest using the Blockley 215/70VR15.

Blockley Products for Iso Iso Lele

650/700Lx15 Race Valved Tube

Blockley Race Valved Inner Tube

£39.00 (£46.80 inc. VAT)


Radial Tyre

£198.00 (£237.60 inc. VAT)