Jensen - Jensen Healey

By 1973 the contract with Austin to use the Healey name ended and was not renewed. The Healey 3000 production was at an end, which had been a lot of work for Jensen who made the bodywork. Donald Healey knew there was strong demand from the USA for something to carry on from where the Healey 3000 left off. Healey knew there  would be a strong demand for a Healey 3000 replacement, which Kjell Qvale urged as the USA importer for Austin-Healey. A new set up with Kjell Qvale taking a major shareholding at Jensen, and with Donald Healey as Chairman paved the way for the Jensen Healey. US emission rules were always a problem for European manufacturers and after looking at various options, as luck would have it, Colin Chapman had developed a new 16 valve 2 litre Twin cam which was very efficient, so this engine ended up in the Jensen -Healey even before it was put in  a Lotus! The Jensen-Healey was launched in 1972, a well appointed soft top 2 seater, with the hard top Jensen GT "shooting brake" version coming in 1975 just as Jensen went into liquidation. The oil crisis hit Jensen hard with their V8 Interceptors, plus there were problems with the Jensen Healey with supply of engines which was eventually resolved (by 1974 engine deliveries were on schedule) workers on strike and so on. The company finally closed in early 1976, and with it the Jensen Healey was at an end.

Jensen Healey tyre size was originally 185/70R13 . Blockley produces a 185/70VR13 tyre to suit.

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