Lancia - Lancia Trikappa

The Lancia Trikappa was a 4.6 litre 8 cylinder top of the range car, built as a competitor to luxury cars such as the Fiat 519, Rolls Royce and so on, with brakes to all 4 wheels which was unusual when the Trikappa first appeared in 1922. This was Lancias first production car which used the narrow V angle (in this case 16 degrees) which continued as a Lancia feature for another half century. Production of the Lancia Trikappa continued to 1925.

Tyre size for the Lancia Trikappa was originally 895x135, and Blocklkey produces the perfect example of the 895x135, along with a correct sized thick butyl inner tube with nickel plated stem. For any Trikappas that have had their wheel rims changed over the years (manily due to tyre unavailability etc) Blockley also manufacture many of the alternative sizes that the cars would have been fitted with so we can help with the alternatives also. See full details of the original fitment 895x135 Lancia trikappa tyre below:

Blockley Products for Lancia Lancia Trikappa


Blockley Beaded Edge

£319.00 (£382.80 inc. VAT)

895x135 Inner Tube

Blockley Inner Tube

£68.00 (£81.60 inc. VAT)