895x135 Inner Tube

A perfect fitting dedicated beaded edge 895x135 inner tube, with "on centre" valve stem position, having a nickel plated metal stem. Super thick and made from the best material (butyl) which ensures the high pressure air does not leak out as it does with normal rubber, and fitted with a nickel plated stem as they looked in period. These are the best inner tubes ever made, and cost no more than anything else, only because we sell direct and not through the Classic Tyre wholesalers. And please appreciate that this is a dedicated 895x135 tube, whereas what the wholesalers sell is a multi sized tube that they supply for many tyre sizes! There is no tube available anywhere that is this good. We produce these Blockley inner tubes only because we produce the 895x135 tyres that have a need for them. 

(£81.60 inc. vat)


For interest, the equivalent tube Michelin tube is marked "935x135, 895x135, 880x120, 815x105", typical of what big companies do presumably to save money, which helps be able to give their wholesaler agents the big margins to sell this unsuitable stuff. Note that this is 3 very different sizes of tube size amalgamated in one, which is why things don't work. Just imagine how much misery this has caused people over the decades, while their wholesalers push the brand name to instill the confidence that it must be okay.

But at Blockley we aim to make one beaded edge tube per tyre size because that is the only correct way, as was originally done, but this does cost so much more to do. In this particular case 3 times as much for Blockley. 895x135 is one tube, 880x120 is one tube and 815x105 is another tube. Three new moulds and tooling to cover the 3 tyre sizes, and then adequate stocks of each size which means carrying 3 times as much stock, so it's a whole different finacial outlay! And yet our perfect Blockley tubes, the only ones with nickel plated stems, are sold for no more, and often much less than the alternatives. We could have made one tube with many sizes written on it too, like Michelin, and it would cost us so much less to do, but wrong, and pointless, especially if you are an end user of these products, as we and many friends are. Michelin stopped making their beaded edge tyres due to all their tyre problems due to a lack of understanding, and perhaps they should think about doing the same with these tubes! This scenario shows you just a little insight into the Classic Vintage tyre world, with the wholesalers always going on about the brand name being the important thing, and why it has been necessary for a car owning enthusiast to start Blockley Tyre Co. to do the job properly.

Note that the straight sided equivalent tyre to 895x135 was the 33x5 size which is dimensionally very close, so this inner tube with its "on centre" valve stem location is also the recommended inner tube for the 33x5 tyre size. This Blockley 895x135 inner tube the ONLY inner tube available anywhere that fits a 33x5 tyre nicely!

These 895x135 (also suitable for 33x5 tyre size) Beaded edge / clincher inner tubes have an "on centre" nickel plated valve stem with a length of 75mm (3").

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