Land Rover

The Rover Companys Land Rover first appeared in 1948 from a prototype built by Rover head designer Maurice Wilks at home. By 1958 the Series 2 was launched, with Series 2A by 1961, and the Series 3 in 1971. By 1978 Land Rover became a subsidiary of British Leyland and became Land Rover Ltd.

In the early 1980's the Land Rovers were given official names of Ninety (90) and One Ten (110) denoting these short and long wheel base types in inches, which by 1990 were marketed as the Land Rover Defender 90 and Defender 110, with the extra long wheel base Land Rover 127 becoming the Defender 130.

Land Rover tyre sizes started with 6.00x16 for the early cars with 6.50x16 also offered. There was the 7.00x16 for the "107" and "109" as standard tyre fitment, while the 7.00x16 was also an option size for the Land Rover "88". All these Land-Rover tyres would have a commercial type heavy duty sidewall. Due to the heavy duty springs coupled with cross ply tyres that had extra heavy duty sidewalls the Land Rovers can have quite a rough ride which is why many owners fit the radial tyre size 205R16 which improve things enormously, on the road particularly. The Blockley 205R16 M+S is a good looking tyre sutable for both on and off road use and perfect for the Land Rover 90, 110 and Defender. See full details of this tyre at the link below, including pictures of the earlier Land Rovers also fitted with this superb looking Blockley 205R16 M+S:

Blockley Products for Land Rover

600/650Lx16 extra thick Inner Tube

Blockley Inner Tube

£37.00 (£44.40 inc. VAT)

205R16 M+S

Blockley Radial

£139.00 (£166.80 inc. VAT)