Maserati - Maserati 3500GT

Maserati had built a total of 140 road cars in the ten years between 1947 and 1957, which didn't account for many cars per year, when Guido Alfieri was tasked with building a new Maserati. The existing A6G2000 design was used as the basis but bored to give 3,485cc which meant an entirely new engine, because the A6 engine bored out for the Grand Prix 250F could only be stretched out to 3 litres (as used in the sports racer 300S) and that was the end of the road maximum bore size.To offset the cost and development of the new engine, and to save on costs Alfieri outsourced the Salisbury rear axle, Girling brakes (initially drum and later disc) and Alford and Alder suspension from England. And the ZF gearbox from Germany. Put all together and bodied as only Italians can do by Touring, with its Superleggera process. The Maserati 3500GT was shown at the 1957 Geneva show and orders were so explosive that a new factory was made built to build them. Power output was improved as time went on and by 1961 the cars had the 5 speed ZF gearbox. The later 3500GTi models had a fuel injected engine which came in 1960.The Maserati 3500GT model was a fairly mass produced car, and all of them were bodied by Touring, whereas the convertible version was built by Vignale (to a Michelotti design) which had a steel body and often called 3500GT Spyder or GTi Spyder. The 3500GT was produced until 1964.

Maserati 3500 GT tyre size was originally 185R16. Blockley produces the perfect 185VR16 tyre.

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Blockley Radial

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15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

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