Maserati - Maserati Mexico

The Maserati Mexico was built on a shortened chassis of the first version of the Maserati Quattroporte, and as such had the same 4.7 litre V8, but also had a 4.2 litre capacity option. The bodywork was the design of Vairo at Vignale who had built a replacement body on a accident damaged 5000GT chassis, which Maserati decided to use on a model. And since that car had been bought by the President of Mexico the new Maserati got called the Mexico. 

Maserati Mexico original tyre fitment was 205VR15. Since then, most cars are now fitted with the similar 215/70Vr15 size, 

Blockey Products for Maserati Maserati Mexico

650/700Lx15 Race Valved Tube

Blockley Race Valved Inner Tube

£39.00 (£46.80 inc. VAT)


Radial Tyre

£189.00 (£226.80 inc. VAT)