Mini - Mini Mk1

The Mk1 Mini was sold from early 1959 under the two BMC brands of Austin and Morris, as either the Morris Mini Minor or the Austin Seven or Super Seven, harking back to the pre war long running Austin 7 series which was a name known to most people. But by 1961 the Austin Seven name was changed to Austin Mini. By the following year the cars sold abroad were called Austin 850 or Morris 850, and depending on the country they were dstined for. They were also sold as Austin Partner, Morris Mascot and there was more. The first model of Mini, Mk1 Mini as it has been called subsequently, had the 62.9 x 68.26 "848" BMC A series engine and was in production until 1967, although the estate version of this Mini was still available until 1969.

Mini Mk 1 original tyre size was 5.20x10 which is the radial Blockley equivalent 145R10 size.

Blockley Products for Mini Mini Mk1


Blockley Radial

£63.00 (£75.60 inc. VAT)

145-165/70x10 TR11 inner tube

Blockley thickened inner tube

£20.00 (£24.00 inc. VAT)