145/80R10, 520x10

145R10 tyre with period correct and authentic tread pattern, built on new moulds and tooling to the usual Blockley high standards, designed with a steel belted carcass construction. The best tyre ever made in this 145R10 size! This 145R10 tyre size is the radial equivalent of the cross ply 5.20x10 tyre size. Our 145R10 tyre is the correct standard size for the earlier Minis.

Type Radial
Rim diameter 10
Tread width 147mm
Overall diameter 492mm
Rim width (min) 3"
Rim width (max) 4.5"
Rim width (recommended) 4"
Load index 68 (315kg.)
Speed rating S ( 112mph / 180 kph )
Tread Pattern BR1

(£75.60 inc. vat)


The 145R10 Blockley tyre is a full size "80 profile" ( ie 145/80R10 ) steel belted Radial, with a good speed rating and period correct tread pattern, designed in house particularly for the Austin Mini in mind. These Blockley 145R10 tyres are E Marked and DOT marked (for use in the USA).

We were persuaded to make this size by an avalanche of Mini owners, yet it took many years to complete the project because we wanted a steel belted radial construction, rather than the usual offerings, to ensure the best product imaginable, in time for the Mini 60 years celebrations in 2019. Thank you for your patience!

This tyre is the best handling tyre of this size ever fitted to a Mini, with our superb looking period correct tread pattern, which carries the usual Blockley radials satisfaction guarantee that if you don't believe they are the best tyres you've driven on we will give a refund.

Our low price for the 145R10 Blockley at £63 plus vat (£75), which is half price compared to the Dunlop £134 plus vat (£160) each, is only made possible because we sell direct to the end user without the "Classic" tyre Wholesalers getting involved in the middle. This makes the price of a set of 4 tyres at £252 or about £300 including vat.

Perfect for all models of Mini with 10" wheels (Mini Mk1 , Mk2 , Mk3), Mini Cooper and CooperS (both 970 and 1275S) and the later Mini 850 , 1000 , and Mini Clubman (including 1275 and 1275S) as well as the Mini Traveller. A size also used for the Mini Moke , Riley Elf , Wolseley Hornet , Reliant Kitten , Reliant Robin and many others. Blockley also produces a wider (but same diameter) version of this 10" tyre which many customers also fit to the Mini - size 165/70R10 .

Note that in period a full diameter tyre (also called 80 profile) did not have the "/80" listed in the tyre size, because all radial tyres were full size. It was only much later as lower profile tyres started to become more common that many tyres started having the full profile marked on the sidewall. So in the more modern era 145R10 would also be referred to as 145/80R10, but both mean the same thing. Our Blockley tyres are marked 145R10 on the sidewall because this is the authentic numbering as it would have been originally on what is now a "Classic" car.

Although this tyre has been made tubeless capable, the majority of cars that fit this 145R10 tyre do so on the original period wheels. The period correct wheels do not have the safety ridges of a later tubeless type rim, and as such should be fitted with inner tubes. As a result, we have manufactured a better quality thicker Butyl 145x10 Blockley superior inner tube to suit, for those that require them. These tubes are sized more accurately and are some 30% thicker than other tubes you will come across  . . See full details of the Blockley 145R10 tyre below.

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