Mini - Mini Mk2

The updated and restyled Mini Mk2 was no longer marketed as either Austin or Morris, and Mini became a stand alone marque in its own right. The Mini Mk 2 was introduced in 1967 and came in two variations. The Mk2 Mini 850 with the 62.9x68.3 engine giving 848cc and the larger capacity Mk2 Mini 1000 with the 64.6 x 76.2mm 998 cc engine. The Mini Mk2 had a different front grille, and had a larger rear window. Like the earlier Mini, these had the 4 body variations of saloon, estate, van and pickup types, with 3 engine sizes of 850 , 1000 or 1275 cc. The Mk 2 Mini was produced until 1969.

Mini Mk 2 tyre size was originally 5.20x10 and the radial equivalent size is 145R10, and this 145R10 tyre size was in any case supplied by the factory when they started to fit radial ply tyres. Blockley makes the excellent steel belted 145R10 tyre size. And for anyone requiring a wider tyre in 10" Blockley also manufacture the 165/70R10 size. 

Blockley Products for Mini Mini Mk2


Blockley Radial

£63.00 (£75.60 inc. VAT)

145-165/70x10 TR11 inner tube

Blockley thickened inner tube

£20.00 (£24.00 inc. VAT)