Morgan - Morgan 3 wheeler

The Morgan 3 wheeler has a central backbone tube off which comes a ladder construction chassis. The four tubes at the front are the engine bearers and the independent suspension consists of  a coil sprung sliding pillar on each side. At the front would be a V twin engine, with a shaft drive through the backbone to a bevel box with drive through chains (the drive chosen by the dog engaged) to a single rear wheel, held between a pair of elliptic springs. This concept was improved with a choice of engines throughout the years spanning 1910 and 1939, air cooled and water cooled.

V Twin Morgans used various sizes over their production. Blockley produces the best beaded edge 26x3 tyre ever produced, with authentic tread pattern with a thick butyl inner tube to suit. For the later Morgans our authentic 400x19 tyre is perfect. Many fit these 400x19 for better handling on the new built Morgan 3 wheelers, while the Morgan company use the high quality Blockley inner tubes as standard on all their cars.

Blockley Products for Morgan Morgan 3 wheeler

400 x 19

Blockley Triple Stud Crossply

£104.00 (£124.80 inc. VAT)

18/19 inch Rim Band (22mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£2.50 (£3.00 inc. VAT)

26x3 (700x80)

Blockley Beaded Edge

£125.00 (£150.00 inc. VAT)

26 x 2.5 / 3 inner tube

£14.00 (£16.80 inc. VAT)