Morris - Morris Minor

Designed by a young Alec Issigonis in secrecy toward the end of the war, the Morris Minor had its launch in 1948 at Earls Court with a 2 door model with a convertible option, with the 4 door saloon version coming later 1950. These were known as the MM series of Minor. With modern unitary construction, independent front suspension and rack and pinion steering (used later by almost every race car builder), although the side valve 918cc Morris Minor engine was a pre war design. The distinctive front shape of the bodywork with its raised headlamps came about from 1951.

The formation of BMC in 1952, the amalgamation of the Austin Motor Company and the Nuffield Organisation (which owned Morris), resulted in the Morris Minor getting altered considerably with the smaller Austin A Series overhead valve 803cc engine (which produced more power) in addition to a change of gearbox and rear axle. An Estate version called the Traveller was also introduced. Although now with a smaller 803cc engine, these were an improvement in performance over the earlier cars. For 1953 light commercial vehicles were also introduced in the form of a pickup and van models, which included the Post Office vans that were fitted with rubber wings. . .

In 1955 Alec Issigonis returned to BMC and for 1956 the Morris Minor 1000 was the next evolution, now fitted with the larger 948cc A Series engine, which later on got the taller block version 1098cc from 1963 (but still called the Morris 1000), with Morris Minor production contiuning to 1971. These later cars had a top speed of 72mph, some 10mph more than the previous 803 cc cars. The Morris 1000 was easily recognised from the other models in having a one piece windscreen. Morris Minor production had also tapered off with the advent of the Mini, as well as the 1100/1300 BMC range. The Morris Taveller and Commercial versions finally ceased Moggy Minor production in 1972, although Minor production continued in new Zealand until 1974.

Tyre size for all models of Morris Minor (from 1948 to 1971) was originally 5.00x14 with the larger tyre size 5.20x14 following initially as an option from 1960 after which this 5.20x14 tyre size became standard fitment for the Morris Minor from 1962. The radial equivalent of the 5.20x14 is the 145R14 size, and Blockley produces this 145R14 tyre with our Blockley tyre being the tallest (ie largest diameter) tyre manufactured, which means it is as close to the original cross ply 5.20x14 diameter compared to any other 145R14 tyres available. With our correct period tread pattern these good speed rated high quality Blockley steel belted radial tyres are the best you can fit and are perfect for all the Minors, whether your car is fitted with the original narrow rims, or the wider rims which were also available. See full details of this great quality and superb value 145R14 tyre below, and remember that if these are not the best tyres you've ever driven on we will refund:

Blockley Products for Morris Morris Minor

155/165x14 Thickened Inner Tube

Blockley Thickened Inner Tube

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Blockley Radial

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