Range Rover Tyres

The Range Rover 4x4 started life as a more updated and refined Land Rover intended for the farmer, doing everything its predecessor could do, but better. After a few dozen prototypes, the Range Rover became available from 1970 in a 2 door format, but specialist coachbuilders soon produced a 4 door version, so customers were able to have their cars converted. This eventually encouraged Rover Group to adopt the 4 door format for the new model introduced in 1981, under the new name of "Range Rover Classic", to distinguish them from the earlier 2 door models being phased out. The market segment the Range Rover carved out became huge, with many manufacturers trying to show how it should actually be done, but ultimately the individuality of the Range Rover could somehow never be supplanted. The Second Generation cars introduced in 1994 had more creature comforts and are easily distinguished by their rectangular headlights. As time went on, with the Third generation introduced in 2001, the customer base was shifting heavily away from Farmers having these cars, to people whose off road activities were at best limited to parking a couple of the tyres on a pavement! 

Blockley Tyre Co have produced the ONLY authentic high quality 205R16 M+S tyres available for the Range Rover. The agents for Michelin, since our Blockley tyres were produced, have advertised extensively that their Michelin XM+S244 is the correct tyre for the earlier Range Rovers, but this not correct, as they would know their tread pattern used on the Michelin was not introduced until 1985/6. So for anything Range Rover 1970 to 1985 the Blockley 205R16M+S is really the only correct choice, and they are just as good on the later cars! The tread on these 205R16 M+S Blockleys has the holes in place for those wishing to fit studs. And the handling on these tyres is nothing short of superb. These tyres can also be fitted to the later cars with the alloy wheels which were first introduced on Range Rovers mid 1981, although the steel Rostyles were still available on the Defender 90 until 1995. Click on the 205R16M+S tyre details below for full details:

Blockley Products for Range Rover Tyres

600/650Lx16 extra thick Inner Tube

Blockley Inner Tube

£37.00 (£44.40 inc. VAT)

205R16 M+S

Blockley Radial

£139.00 (£166.80 inc. VAT)