Reliant - Reliant Rialto

The Robin Realto was the replacement for the Robin, available from 1982, which had a new body style and available as standard, estate car and van bodywork. By the following year, the improved Robin Rialto 2 was capable of over 100mph, yet capable of over 70mpg. A few years later the Rialto Estate was introduced which had a hatchback. The 3 wheeler Realto was Reliants best ever selling model.

Robin Realto tyre size was 145R10, and Blockley poduces the best example of this tyre. See full details of this 145R10 tyre below. Post 1997 the SE was fitted with 12" wheels.

Blockley Products for Reliant Reliant Rialto


Blockley Radial

£63.00 (£75.60 inc. VAT)

145-165/70x10 TR11 inner tube

Blockley thickened inner tube

£20.00 (£24.00 inc. VAT)