Seat - Seat 133

The SEAT 133 was on the market from 1974 to 1979, and was based on the platform and engine from their previous 850 model, so it was a rear engined rear wheel drive car. The bodywork was redseigned and updated by SEAT with a much more modern look, with the 133 being made for the Spanish market. SEAT 133 cars that were exported to other European countries were marketed as Fiat 133 and sold through Fiat dealerships.

Tyre size for the SEAT 133 (and Fiat 133) was 145R13 and Blockely produces the perfect 145R13 tyre - see full details below:

Blockley Products for Seat Seat 133

13/14 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£62.00 (£74.40 inc. VAT)