165/70R10 tyre with correct period authentic tread pattern, made with steel belt construction and good speed rating. Built on our brand new moulds and tooling to be the best tyre available. A tyre size used on many Mini Coopers wanting a wider than standard tyre width. These Blockley 165/70R10 tyres are the best tyres you will have ever driven on and will transform the handling, guaranteed!

Type Radial
Rim diameter 10
Tread width 165mm
Overall diameter 494mm
Rim width (min) 4"
Rim width (max) 5.5"
Rim width (recommended) 5"
Load index 72 (355kg.)
Speed rating T ( 118mph / 190 kph )
Tread Pattern BR1

(£75.60 inc. vat)


The 165/70R10 tyre is a wider version of a 145R10 tyre (a tyre size that we also produce), made for the earlier classic Mini using 10" wheels. These period correct and authentic looking Blockleys offer great handling using a steel belted construction carcass. These 165/70R10 Blockley tyres are E Marked and DOT marked (for use in the USA).

The 165/70R10 size is a wider version of the (80 profile) 145R10 Austin Mini tyre size, both these tyre sizes having the same diameter. Although a 100% standard road legal tyre for everyday road use, the Paddy Hopkirk Mini prepared by Mini Sport and driven by Stephen Entwistle / Mark Appleton won the arduous 2019 RAC Rally of the Tests by a large margin against stiff opposition, in conditions that included rain, sleet, snow and ice, as well as some dry! When you consider that many of their rivals were using competition tyres, this remarkable result really demonstrates just how good these authentic period correct looking Blockley tyres are. And far from being worn out at the end of the Rally (as tyres usually are on these rallies) these Blockley tyres would have been good for the event all over again! We believe the Blockley is the best 165/70R10 tyre ever made.

Please note, although we have produced this tyre as a tubeless construction, but as cars that fit this tyre with original wheels do not have the bead safety ridges of a tubeless rim and as such should be fitted with tubes where necessary. We have manufactured a better quality thicker Butyl inner tube to suit. In addition we also make a metal stem version as was used on the Mini Coopers originally, for those that require them. See full below.

And don't forget our Blockley guarantee to scrub the tyres in for say 30 miles (as you should any tyre) and use them for 1,000 miles or so, and if they are not the best tyres you've driven on we will refund. Finally, don't worry about our low price compared to the huge prices of some other tyres available, such as the Dunlop Aquajet (which costs more than double at £162 inc vat) or an Avon (which costs some 3 times as much!). As with all our Blockley tyres, we sell direct to the end user, and not using the services of the Classic and Vintage tyre wholesalers, so the Blockley price does not need to include their comissions. This way we can sell the best that can be made to the people who will actually be using them, and at a realistic price (£252 for four tyres, or around £300 a set inclusive of vat), or little more than what you have to pay for a Camac type tyre. . . .

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