175/185x15 Thickened Inner Tube

Blockley inner tube marked 175/185-15 which is a thicker walled and correctly sized. It is dimensioned to be suitable for tyre sizes 185R15 , 185/70R15 and 175R15. Note that all Blockley inner tubes are supplied as standard with a high quality metal valve stem cap as part of the price!

(£22.80 inc. vat)


We supply this 175/185-15 inner tube with our 185VR15 (and 185/70VR15) Blockley tyres when fitting an inner tube is necessary. For our wider 205/70VR15 size tyre we make a different tube. With a Michelin tube you get the same tube supplied for both these tyre sizes. And just for interest, this Blockley inner tube weighs 3 lbs and made from the best material known, Butyl, compared to the Michelin which is 30% less at 2lbs - which gets sold at considerably more, and you have to buy decent valve stem caps as an extra!

These Blockley 175/185x15 inner tubes are a superior quality correctly sized inner tube, thicker than normal tubes available, as they were in period, with the tyre size it is suitable for actually written on the side. Not a code which you later find is recommended for many tyre sizes! This is one reason why Blockley has produced its own inner tubes, rather than source them from elsewhere. Note that all Blockley inner tubes (there are 45 of them) are made from Butyl rubber which is the best material, which means you are not continually pumping up tyres. And unlike most butyl tubes available which are made as thin and lightly as possible, our Blockley tubes have the good period thickness for superior reliability.

Tubes are the one thing you really should not be skimping on. And all Blockley tubes come as standard fitted with a metal dust cap which on its own will keep air in if you get dirt etc in the valve, which no other tubes have as standard - but are offered it if you pay extra. . . And if you are fitting tubes in wire wheels, don't forget the rim bands . . .

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