185HR14 White Wall

185/80R14 White wall

A superior quality 185HR14 Blockley Whitewall tyre at an advantageous price, because we sell direct. This 185HR14 tyre has a period correct tread pattern, with steel belt construction and will transform the handling of your car, guaranteed. Popular size for many Mercedes models (particularly the Pagoda 230SL and 280SL).

Type Radial
Rim diameter 14"
Tread width 180mm
Overall width 190mm
Overall diameter 648mm
Rim width (min) 5"
Rim width (max) 6.5"
Load index 90 (600kg.)
Speed rating H (130mph)
Tread Pattern BR1

(£192.00 inc. vat)


This White Wall Blockley 185 R 14 is a correctly researched and designed full size "80 profile" steel belted Radial tyre, with a good H speed rating (130mph) and period correct tread pattern, designed in house. Note that we also make a standard 185HR14 tyre, without a whitewall. . .

We were encouraged to produce this size by HKT Reifen in Germany to meet a requirement from the Mercedes Benz Pagoda Club chairman, who wanted a high quality tyre.  Not only were the alternatives very expensive, the performance was not overly impressive. For this reason we produce this tyre in whitewall. It is also available in standard black at a lower price.  It is interesting to observe that since the availability of the Blockley 185HR14 whitewall tyres, the price of the Michelin 185x14 whitewall dropped considerably! 

These Blockleys are the best tyres you will ever drive on. Scrub in for about 30 miles and use for 1,000 miles or so and if you are not in agreement that these are the best tyres you have ever driven on, we will refund you. This guarantee applies to all Blockley radial tyres. These Blockley 185R14 tyres are E Marked and DOT marked (for use in the USA).

Every one of these tyres is inspected and checked for dynamic balance - The small painted yellow circle on the side wall can be aligned with the valve stem by the tyre fitter which is the optimum position for the two. We perform this additional inspection process as we are determined to supply the best possible no-compromise product - you will not observe this on any other Classic car tyre, no doubt due to the extra expense this process involves . . . 

Note that in period a full diameter (also called 80 profile) tyre did not have the "/80" listed in the tyre size, because all radial tyres were full size. It was only much later as lower profile tyres started to become more common that many tyres started having the full profile marked on the sidewall. So 185R14 would also be referred to as 185/80R14, which both mean the same thing. Our Blockley tyres are marked 185R14 on the sidewall because this is the authentic numbering as it would have been originally.

These tyres are a useful fitment for:

Typical fitment for 185R14 Witewall tyre size is:

Mercedes "Pagoda" 230SL , 280SL

Mercedes 220,230,250,280, 300SEL (W-107, W-108, W-111 , W-113)

Ford Granada , Ford Ghia and GL Limousines .

Rover 3500 , 3500 P6 LT77,  3500S P6 (and Rover P6 fitted with the 3500 final drive ratio)

Citroen CX 2000 , CX2200 , CX2400GTi , CX Presige

Triumph Stag

Volvo 245DL ,  245DLE , 265DL , 265GL , 265GLE

Ford Mustang (very close to original fitment 6.90x14)

Austin A110

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