A superior quality Radial tyre 205 VR 14. This is a rare size only available with brands Blockley and Michelin.

Type Radial
Rim diameter 14"
Tread width 5.98" / 216mm
Overall width 8.54" / 217mm
Overall diameter 26.89" / 683mm
Rim width (min) 5.5"
Rim width (max) 7"
Rim width (recommended) 6"
Load index 89V
Speed rating V ( 149mph / 240 kph )
Tread Pattern BR1

(£120.00 inc. vat)


This Blockley 205 VR 14 is a modern designed full size "80 profile" steel belted Radial tyre, with an exceptional speed rating and period correct tread pattern, designed in house. Ideal for Mk10 and 420G Jaguars

We made this 205R14 size because my neighbour who bought a Maserati new from the stand at the Motor Show in 1969 could not buy full size 80 profile tyres for it. The Michelins were listed at an exorbitant price but they were never available unless you joined a waiting list and Michelin would produce batches from time to time. And no one else made this size so you had to do as told. Now that we have produced the Blockley tyres, availability of the Michelin has improved! 

This is a popular size for Jaguar Mk10 and 420G, many owners of whom have had to change their wheel and tyre sizes due to the expense of the 205R14 size prior to Blockley coming into the market. Today we are  offering the Blockley 205VR14 tyre at only £100 per tyre, no Jaguar Mk10 or 420G needs to be on the wrong sized tyres any more. 

Every one of these tyres is inspected and checked for dynamic balance - The small painted yellow circle on the side wall can be aligned with the valve stem by the tyre fitter so they know the optimum place to put it. We perform this additional inspection process as we are determined to supply the best possible no-compromise product. 

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