500 x 19

A superb quality 5.00 x 19 tyre, which is a genuine road legal high speed capable tyre built to the highest quality, with authentic and correct dimensions using a period looking triple stud pattern designed by ourselves - and since copied by others. Authentic great looks, handling and ride you will not believe, yet most importantly designed to suit the original wheel rim width that the 5.00x19 tyre was fitted to in period. This is not a multi sized / dual marked tyre. There is no 5.00x19 tyre available anywhere that is this good, and the only reason it is sold at such a realistic price is because we sell direct, avoiding the mark ups of the the Classic Tyre Wholesalers.

Type Crossply
Rim diameter 19"
Tread width 3.70"
Overall width 5.20"
Overall diameter 29.75"
Rim width (min) 2.65"
Rim width (max) 3.25"
Rim width (recommended) 3"

(£178.80 inc. vat)


The first tyre size made by Blockley, which made the Classic tyre wholesalers panic! The availability of something of quality, and it wasn't under their control! The Blockley company was started to produce the best and most authentic products, which was also needed for ourselves - unlike the big companies that  have been profiteering from us for decades. And since the Blockley company has come along just notice the activity and politics going on from them to keep up!

All Blockley Cross (Bias) ply  tyres are made to correctly fit the original rim widths, something other manufacturers have forgotten about over time. This means owners of some great original cars do not have to change the wheel widths of their cars to fit Dunlop race tyres, but can fit the Blockley tyres on to original rim widths. In addition they are genuine tyres for road use, with a robust sidewall and covering, capable of being 'curbed' as you would expect from a tyre suitable for road use. The Dunlop triple stud pattern in period was a problematic one, which resulted in it being superseded. We liked the period look of the triple stud tyre, so we re-designed all features of this pattern to make it work correctly without wearing out in no time. The compounding of all our cross (Bias) ply tyres conform to FIA Appendix K which uses Dunlop 204 compound as its reference hardness, for customers that might want to also use these tyres in competition. This 500x19 Blockley tyre is a genuine road legal road tyre and has no equal, having won many thousands of races and other competitions as well as Concours d'Elegance events, including class wins and overall best of show at Pebble Beach! All Blockley tyres are genuine road car tyres, and not built as a "race" tyre - although many Classic tyre wholesalers say that our tyres are for racing use, which is absolutely not the case!

This is why we coined the term Road Race for tyres when we started. Which has been copied (as have many of our tyres) by the classic tyre wholesalers who we do not sell through. So beware of imitations! And remember our realistic prices of Blockley tyres is because they are not sold through the usual Classic tyre wholesalers, so the end users and restoration shops/garages can have a superlative product without the "middle man tax".

All Blockley tyres are made with new moulds and tooling and a high level of quality control, resulting in a product of unsurpassed quality, roundness and conformity.

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