Alfa Romeo - Alfa Romeo AR51

The Alfa Romeo 1900M AR51, as the factory called this model, is also known by its nickname Matta. A light weight 4x4, the engine used was the then current 4 cylinder twin overhead cam 1900 as used in the companys road cars but detuned with lowered 7:1 compression ratio giving 64bhp. This project was at the request Italys Ministry of Defence, for Military use, the prototype of which was finished in 1951. AR stood for Autovettura da Ricognizione and the 51 was the date 1951. Some 2,000 of these vehicles were supplied to the Italian military with a small handful (50 units) for agricultural and civilian use called the AR52, making a grand total of 2050 produced, with production ending in 1954.

1900M AR51 Matta original tyre size was 6.40x16 Artiglio or off road type  tread pattern  - Artiglio translates to "Claw" so we are talking an M+S type tread pattern. The ideal tyre toady for this vehicle, giving it the best handling possible, would be our radial 205R16 tyre - see full details at the link below:

Blockley Products for Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo AR51

600/650Lx16 extra thick Inner Tube

Blockley Inner Tube

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205R16 M+S

Blockley Radial

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