Allard - Allard J2

The Allard J2 was built from 1949, and the bulk of them went to the USA to have their V8 engines fitted there, the most popular fitment being the 331 Cadillac for which there were many after market upgrades and even engines supplied by the company Frick and Tappet. UK delivered cars tended to have the Mercury Flat head V8 engine, for which which there was also a overhead valve Ardun version designed and built by Zora Arkus Duntov. I would recommend reading the book "Zora, the legend behind Corvette". The Allard J2X followed on in late 1951 with the same wheelbase but the engine moved forward and many suspension changes. These J2X are easily distinguished from the earlier J2 by having the bodywork protruding much further forward. A few spercial J2X were built for LeMans with different all enveloping bodywork, and these cars had the "Quick change" designed by Halibrand. Import duties and so on made it impractical to import them so a British version of the same thing was made for use by Allard and HWM. Finally there was the tubular chassis frame 1953 sports race cars built specifically for LeMans designed by Dudley Hume which was the Allard JR, but this model is often mistakenly referred to as the J2R which has come about because when the brochures were printed it was mistakenly called the J2R, and Allard chose not to reprint the brochures! The Allard J2 and J2X production tapered off to 1954.

The original tyre fitment for the Allard J2 and J2X (and the JR) was listed from the factory as 6.00x16, which Blockley produces an excellent quality period correct tyre for. Blockley also produce the equivalent radial 185VR16 size, with a high quality good speed rated steel belt construction tyre - see full details of both these J2 & J2X tyre options below:

Blockley Products for Allard Allard J2


Blockley Radial

£196.00 (£235.20 inc. VAT)

600 x 16

Blockley 5 Stud L Section Crossply

£180.00 (£216.00 inc. VAT)

15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)