Arnolt - Arnolt Bristol

The Arnolt Bristol car was built on the Bristol 404 chassis, and bodied by Nuccio Bertone to the design of Franco Scaglione. Bertone had previously made a batch of bodies for Arnolt, when her supplied MG chassis. The Bristol 404 was the shortest of the production cars Bristol produced, and the engine specification provided by Bristol was the uprated type BS1 Mk2. This had the higher compression and developed 130bhp at 5500 rpm. Price on the East coast of the USA was quoted $4,000 for the basic "Competition" model, with the Bolide being a better appointed version. The Deluxe was the most practical road car version with features such as wind up windows at $5,000.

Arnolt Bristol tyre fitment was originally 550x16 , and Blockley makers the perfect 550x16 tyre for the Arnolt.

Blockey Products for Arnolt Arnolt Bristol

550 x 16

Blockley 5 Stud L Section Crossply

£155.00 (£186.00 inc. VAT)

15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.00 (£3.60 inc. VAT)