Aston Martin - Aston Martin DB S

The Aston Martin DBS was available from 1967 , some 2 years before the DB6 stopped production, and shared the same 4 litre engine. A Vantage DBS option produced an extra 45 bhp. The DBS was the last David Brown Aston Martin to be made, a 2 door fastback designed with bodywork to look more contemporary. The chassis was only and inch longer but the track 5" wider, and the whole car was another 3 cwt heavier than the previous DB6, or put in perspective, nearly half a ton heavier than a DB4GT. Production of the DBS ran to 1972.

The Aston Martin DBS originally had the tyre size 8.10 x 15 This size is in the lower range of what could be a 205R15 size and at the upper level of a 215/70R15 size. We would fit the 215/70VR15 size, only because it's a better tyre with a 12mm lower tread sidewall - these Astons are heavy cars with good performance and if you want to use them the laws of physics haven't changed since the 1960's, so you want all the help you can get! And the 215/70VR15 Blockley tyre is a superb product, and looks the part too. That's why we guarantee as with all our radial range that if a customer is not overjoyed with all aspects of them that we will refund.

Blockley Products for Aston Martin Aston Martin DB S

650/700Lx15 Race Valved Tube

Blockley Race Valved Inner Tube

£39.00 (£46.80 inc. VAT)


Radial Tyre

£198.00 (£237.60 inc. VAT)