BMW - BMW Isetta

The background to the BMW Isetta starts with Italian Renzo Rivolta (later famous for the Iso cars) manufacturing motorcycles after the war. In the 1950's he was collaborating on a small city car, which became the Iso Isetta Tourismo, Isetta meaning little Iso. It was powered by the 2 cylinder Iso motorbike engine, having 2 wheels close coupled at the rear, so these are 4 wheeled machines. Launched in late 1953 Iso built some 20,000 of these vehicles, but the little cars also got licenced to many companies, including BMW (BMW also did some licencing of their own). Cars were also made in France, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and Argentina. In all some 130,000 are thought to have been made. 

BMW made some changes by using their own single cylinder four stroke 250, and gradually over the years altered and evolved pretty much every detail. German rules allowed them to be driven under a motorcycle licence, and when the rules changed allowing an increase in capacity the new engine was made with a capacity of 300cc , which made the Isetta so much more practical. Later a longer wheelbase BMW600 came along with the twin cylinder 600cc engine from the BMW R67 motorcycle.

The 4 wheeled Isetta originally had 4.80x10 tyres, whereas the earlier cars built under licence by BMW fitted the 4.40x10 size which is the size you will see listed originally anywhere you care to look! Fast forwarding to the 21st Century the radial tyre option made by Blockley Tyre Company is the 145R10 size (inflated diameter 492mm and overall width 147mm) which is the radial equivalent of 5.20x10 so these Blockley 145R10 tyres will be perfect. This tyre has been made  tubeless capable, but on earlier wheel rims tubes are often required so we also make a superior quality thick butyl inner tube, unlike anything made today, Full details of this fantastic steel belt construction good speed rated period correct looking 145R10 tyre for the BMW Isetta is as below:

Blockley Products for BMW BMW Isetta


Blockley Radial

£63.00 (£75.60 inc. VAT)

145-165/70x10 TR11 inner tube

Blockley thickened inner tube

£20.00 (£24.00 inc. VAT)