Facel Vega - Facel Vega Facellia

The Facel Vega Facellia was the smaller and the less expensive model in the range from the Pont a Mousson factory, with an all French built 1600cc twin overhead cam engine, which was designed by ex Talbot man Carlo Marchettti. The idea of the Facellia was to manufacture a high quality yet more mass produced model with a 4 cylinder engine to compete in teh market place with other smaller sportscars. Unfortunately the engine was not tested thoroughly enough beforehand, and the teething problems that needed to be rectified with the problems solving causing bad press and expense that the company could ill afford. From 1961 there was an improved F2S engine in the Facellia F2, with a twin Weber carburettor option. In the end, for 1963, an outsourced engine was fitted in a different version of the Facellia, which we deal with under a different heading. Ultimately teh warranty issues coming was a big contributory factor to the company finally closing in 1964.

Tyre size for the Facel Vega Facellia was originally tyre size 5.90x14. Radial equivalent of this tyre size is 165R14 . Blockley produce a good speed rated period correct high speed rated 165HR14, while we have also supplied the wider 185/70VR14 tyre size. See full details of the these two tyres below:

Blockley Products for Facel Vega Facel Vega Facellia


Blockley Radial

£78.00 (£93.60 inc. VAT)

13/14 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£98.00 (£117.60 inc. VAT)

175/185x14 Standard Inner Tube

Blockley Standard Inner Tube

£10.00 (£12.00 inc. VAT)