Ferrari - Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 was introduced in 1968 to replace the 275 GTB/4 model, with the engine engine bored out to 4.4 litres. The name Daytona seems to have been attached to the 365GTB/4 by the press following the big win at Daytona of the Ferrari P cars. The 365 GTB/4 was the last of Ferrari's front engine rear wheel drive cars. The Pininfarina designed bodywork (all production built by Scaglietti) was altered with pop up headlights in 1971 after headlights behind perspex or glass was not allowed by the US regulators. The spyder version 365 GTS/4 was available from 1971. The Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 was in production until 1973.

Original tyre size for Ferrari 365 GTB /4 Daytona was 215/70VR15. We would recommend the Blockley 215/70VR15 tyre, details below. Nothing will handle this well, guaranteed.

Blockley Products for Ferrari Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

650/700Lx15 Race Valved Tube

Blockley Race Valved Inner Tube

£39.00 (£46.80 inc. VAT)


Radial Tyre

£198.00 (£237.60 inc. VAT)