Ferrari - Ferrari 400

The Ferrari 400 was externally very similar to the 365 GT4 2+2 model it replaced, the main differences being double light clusters at the back (rather than triple) and alloy wheels which were now 5 stud fixing. but the new Ferrari 400 had an increased stroke which brought the capacity up to 4.8 litres. As a consequence it was also given larger carburettors. Initially the Ferrari 400 was available in two models from 1977, after it had been debuted at the Paris show in 1976. The fist of these was the Ferrari 400 GT now producing 340 hp. and the second option was automatic version marketed simply as the Ferrari 400 Automatic. Notable that this was the first time an automatic gearbox had made its way into a Ferrari !

For 1979 carburettors were dropped from the 400 model to be replaced with Bosch fuel injection. This was mainly to conform with USA emissions standards, so the new models offered were now the Ferrari 400 GTi and the Ferrari 400 Automatic i . But at the same time in order to pass the emission test the power of the engine was reduced by 30hp. For 1982 the Ferrari 400 regained a little increase in power but had many detail changes externally, as well as totally new styled interiors. So throughout the production of this 400 model, the cars were called Ferrari 400GT , 400 Automatic , 400GTi and 400 Automatic i . The Ferrari 400 stayed in production until 1985.

Ferrari 400 tyre fitment was originally 215/70VR15 .

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