Ferrari - Ferrari Dino 208 GT4

The Dino 208 GT4 was a 2+2 first produced in 1975, with a 2 litre (1991cc) V8, built for the Italian market, because  cars under 2 litres sold new in Italy attract half the tax at purchase, which makes it the GT4 a particularly small V8 engine for this era. As with the identical "bigger brother" 2.9 litre V8 308 GT4 introduced two years earlier, the Dino 208 GT4 bodywork was designed by Guigaro at Bertone, but there were small detail differences to dashboard and bodywork accents. Power output of the smaller bore engine was 155hp. The GT4 was badged as a Dino until mid 1976 after which it was a Ferrari until production ended in 1980.

Original tyre size for the Dino 208 GT4 and Ferrari 208 GT4 was 205/70VR14

Blockley Products for Ferrari Ferrari Dino 208 GT4


Blockley Radial

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Blockley Rim Band

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