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The Ford Corsair was available from 1964 with the 4 cylinder Kent 1500cc engine, available as either the 60 bhp saloon or the more powerful 70 bhp version, called the Corsair GT. For 1964 the Corsair got the new V4 Essex 1663cc engine, the model becoming the Corsair V4 GT . Shortly after from 1966 with the Essex 2 litre engine, the car now called the Ford Corsair 2000 and was good for 110mph. Production continued to 1971, overlapping the Ford model that replaced it, the Mk3 Cortina. Although the Corsairs were predominantly 4 door models, 2 door bodied versions were available to special order.

Ford Corsair models (every type from 1964 to 1971) were originally fitted with 5.60x13 tyres, which is radial equivalent 165R13 tyre size. And by 1966 Ford was already fitting the 165R13 radial tyre size to the Corsair as standard from teh factory. Note that the Ford Corsair models 1500, 1500GT, V4, V4GT, 2000 were fitted with 4" wheel rims while the 2000E had the wider 4.5" rims. Blockley manufacture this 165HR13 size with a high quality good speed rated period correct pattern tyre, guaranteed to be the best tyre available, or your money back! See full details of this tyre below.

Blockley Products for Ford Ford Corsair

155/165x13 Thickened Inner Tube

Blockley Thickened Inner Tube

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