Healey - Nash Healey

Some 100 or so Healey Silverstones had been produced with the Riley 2 1/2 litre engine, but Healey wanted more power and had been confident of being able to get the new V8 "331" Cadillac engines for this purpose, but was ultimately unable to get these Cadillacs. So the next engine choice came as a result of a meeting the Nash boss George Mason on the sea voyage back to England, which resulted in the six cylinder 4 litre (3848cc) Nash engine, as was used in the American Nash Ambassador, which ended up powering the new project. The Nash engine was fitted into the modified and widened 8ft 6 inches of Healey Silverstone chassis that had been prototyped for the hoped for Cadillac engined Healey, so the engine bay had plenty of room in it for the Nash Ambassador engine. 

The new Nash Healey was available from 1951. Donald Healey had sketched out the bodywork, using the front grille of the Nash which were incorporated by Panelcraft, who built the bodies for Healey. These Nash Healeys were sent out in a top specification highly appointed manner for the American market, as the UK had doubled it's purchase tax on "luxury goods" like motorcars to 67% in 1948.  For 1952 the frame was lengthened and the bodies redesigned and produced in Italy by Pinin Farina, while the engines grew a little in size to 4138cc. For 1954 a closed version was also made. These Nash Healey cars were super expensive in the USA by the time engines / gearboxes were shipped to England and rolling chassis went to Italy to be completed and sent to the USA with all the taxes and duties. Production ceased in 1954, after Nash as a car maker was sold and became rationalised as a part of the AMC.  And by this time Donald Healey was busy with the Austin-Healeys. Roger Menadue  was responsible for the radical looking Nash Healey race cars and at Le Mans in 1952 one of the cars came in an incredible third overall, behind two 300SL Mercedes and ahead of all sorts of other machinery!

As a postscipt, there was a version of the Nash Healey sold in the UK, but fitted with a 3 litre Alvis 6 cylinder engine, called the Healey G Type or Alvis Healey, but few were produced.

The Nash Healey originally fitted the 6.40x15 tyre size, which has the radial equivalent 185R15, and Blockley produces the perfect steel belted 185VR15 size, with good speed rating.

Blockley Products for Healey Nash Healey


Blockley Radial

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15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

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