Donald Healey, who worked for Riley and Triumph prior to the 1939-45 war, started in business with the Healey Car Company in 1946. The Healeys were known for their good road holding, and the engines principally used were the robust overhead valve 2 1/2 litre Riley, with the sporty high camshaft short push rod overhead valve layout. Rear axles were also Riley with a box section chassis incorporating the unique Healey front suspension.There was the Healey Elliot model from 1946 which was the fastest saloon built at the time, as well as the open Healey Westland, plus of course the Healey Silverstone which was available from 1949. The Elliot was replaced by the Tickford saloon, with a drophead version by coachbuilders Abbot. The 4 litre Nash engined Healey went down well in the USA, while in the UK the same car was fitted with the 3 litre Alvis engine installed, mainly due to the import duty tarrifs on the Nash engines made in the USA. For 1952 Healey built the the "Healey Hundred" using Austin A90 components throughout, which was afterwards produced in volume at Longbridge, leading to the start of the long line of Austin-Healeys. There is a seperate section on this Blockley website dealing with the Austin-Healey models, as well as Healeys collaboration with teh Jensen Healey under that brands section.

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