Jaguar - Jaguar Mk2

The Jaguar Mk2 was available from 1959, and was the replacement for the earlier Mk1 that had been in production for 4 years. The Jaguar Mk2, although looking similar to the earlier model had subtle bodywork changes which resulted in considerably better visibility from inside the car. A wider windscreen and rear window, along with narrower pillars and larger side windows. The Jaguar Mk2 also had its rear axle width increased. It had often been commented on that with its predecessor the track was narrower at the rear. The Jaguar Mk2 was initially fitted with the 2.4 litre "short stroke" XK engine when originally introduced in 1959, but for 1960 both the larger capacity 3.4 litre and 3.8 litre engine options were available.

Jaguar Mk2 tyre size was originally 6.40x15. The equivalent radial tyre size for the Mk1 Jaguar is the high speed rated steel belt construction Blockley 185VR15, which will transform the handling. Some customers fit the wider version of the 185VR15, which is the 205/70VR15 tyre size, but if you do so you would need to fit the "Coombs" arches at the rear. See full details of both the standard fitment 185VR15 or the wider 205/70VR15 tyres at the links below:

Blockley Products for Jaguar Jaguar Mk2


Blockley Radial

£155.00 (£186.00 inc. VAT)

15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£174.00 (£208.80 inc. VAT)