Lamborghini - Lamborghini Islero

The Lamborghini Islero was one of the 2 new models produced in 1968, the other being the Espada which was also a 2+2, and whereas the Espada carried in production for ten years the Islero was only kept in production until 1969. Compared to the 400GT that it replaced, it was an updated version, still conservative in its looks, unlike the Espada. The most famous of Carrozzerias, Touring, was no longer extant, who Lamborghini had used for his previous models, so  former Touring man Carlo Marrazi was entrusted to produce the Islero, with a body design based around the tasteful lines of the previous 400 GT. The quality of the build was not up to the previous Touring work, but that was probably why Touring was no longer in existence! For 1969 an Iserlo S was also offered with a revised rear suspension to cope with a more powerful engine, using the same specification parts as the Muira. The Bullfightig theme was carried on with the Islero, this being the name of a famous Bull that had killed an even more famous matador!

Lamborghini Islero tyre size was originally 205VR15. The better handling 215/70VR15 size was what most Islero ended up using, and we produce this high speed rated 215/70VR15 size - see details below.

Blockley Products for Lamborghini Lamborghini Islero

650/700Lx15 Race Valved Tube

Blockley Race Valved Inner Tube

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Radial Tyre

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