After the war Ferruccio Lamborghini was a manufacturer of tractors, heaters and air conditioning units. Following problems he had with his 250 Ferrari, and the service he got afterwards, he decided to set up to build his own cars, hiring Bizzarini to oversee and produce a prototype. Later on Dallara was hired for chassis design, and Scaglione was responsible for the bodywork. The result of all this was the prototype 350GTV with all alloy V12 4 cam engine, which was totally reworked to go into production with the 350GT, which was later followed by the 400GT and the 2+2 400GT shortly after. Then came the Miura. The Iserlo replaced the 400GT. Probably Lamborghinis best selling model was the Espada which came next in 1969, the worlds fastest 4 seater tested at 156mph.  For 1970 came the Jarama and the smaller V8 engined Urraco. By 1972 with various factors such as the world financial crisis and problems with sales at the Tractor business led to Lamborghini selling the company. Later on a prototype that was at the factory when the company was sold, became the Countach, a model which sold well from 1974 through to 1988.

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