Porsche - Porsche 356

This Porsche model was the work of Ferry Porsche, based around the prewar peoples car concept, of which Ferdinand Porsche had built a few high speed mid engined racers. The post war cars had a new chassis and body design with VW components and suspension. The engines were based on the VW, but tuned with special heads, camshaft and manifolding twin carbrettors, and the engine was placed overhanging at the rear for extra space. After the run of Austrian built cars, Ferry Porsche moved his operation to Germany with Reutter who would be building the bodies. These 356A were what was knows as the Type 1 and Type 2 cars.

By 1962 the "T5" model 356B was introduced, and for the T6 of 1962 there were obvious external changes such as twin grilles on the engine cover and a fuel filler on the wing so it was no longer necessary to open the front lid to refuel. Porsche had taken out huge advertising in magazines showing why drum brakes were better than disc brakes, as there was pressure on, and this would have been because they had committed to large orders of components, but as soon as these were used up disc brakes got fitted and the identical looking cars became 356C. The 356C also had the option of the SC model,with pushrod 95hp engine, and the 2 litre Carrera 2 cars with the 4cam enlarged 550 type engines. 

Note how similar the tread pattern of the Blockley is to what was actually fitted in period by the factory. We guarantee there is no better 165VR15 tyre in the world, and the low price is only because we sell direct. If you try them and disagree we will refund!

Tyre size for all the Porsche 356 from 356A onward would be the Blockley 165VR15.

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