Renault - Renault 6

The Renault 6 was the small family car produced to be a more upmarket version of the Renault 4,and to compete in the market with the smaller Citroens. The Renault 6 was produced from 1968, initially using the Renault 4 engine of 845cc but it became clear a larger engine was needed so the 1.1 litre was fitted from 1970, so either engine was available from this date. For 1973 the Renault 6 got a new look with square headlights and different rear lights, with some more detail changes in 1978. Renault 6 production carried on to 1986.

Renault 6 original tyre fitment was both 135R13 (a size which is no longer produced) for the 850cc model, and the msimilar 145R13 for the 1100cc models. So for any Renault 6 use the Blockley 145R13 tyre size - see full details below:

Blockley Products for Renault Renault 6

13/14 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£62.00 (£74.40 inc. VAT)