Volkswagen - Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle was produced in Germany up to the begining of 1978, after the new line of Golf and Polo had been introduced. After 1978 Beetle production moved to Brazil and Mexico.

In the 1950's the Beetle split rear window was replaced with a single oval plate of glass, hydraulic brakes while the Beetle increased in capacity from 1100cc to 1200cc. In the 1960's syncromesh on all gears became standard with a larger 1300 engine option, while for 1967 there was another engine capacity increase to 1500cc, along with 12volt replacing the 6volt electrical system. For the 1970's the standard car was the VW1300 , and with the new 1600 engine the Beetle became the VW1300 S so as not to be confused with the Type 3 VW1600 ! The new larger Beetle was sold as the 1302 S and later 1303 as windows and lamps got bigger.

Tyre size. Apart from the early VW's which had the 16" wheels, the original tyre size for the VW Beetles (and the Karman Ghia) 1200 , 1300 and Beetle 1500 models was 5.60x15, so the original tyre size equivalent in a radial ply tyre is 155R15 fitted to the 4 1/2J wheel, and Blockley produces the perfect 155HR15 tyre, which we also produce in an alternative whitewall 155HR15 was well. Many owners fit the slightly larger 165R15 size, which Blockley also produce an exceptional example of, so we show this size below as well - see full details of these perfect VW tyres below:

Blockley Products for Volkswagen Volkswagen Beetle


Blockley Radial

£122.00 (£146.40 inc. VAT)

15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)

155HR15 White Wall

Blockley Radial

£125.00 (£150.00 inc. VAT)


Blockley Radial

£99.00 (£118.80 inc. VAT)

Set of 4 165VR15

Blockley Radials

£488.00 (£585.60 inc. VAT)