Volvo - Volvo PV 444 / 544

The Volvo PV 444 and PV 544 models were made by Volvo in 1947, starting with the PV 444 , which was in production until 1957. These Volvo cars had a monocoque construction, especially conscious of the post war need for efficient use of difficult to get resources. The PV444 had a 4 cylinder engine (previous Volvos were 6 cylinder), initially of 1.4 litre capacity which was continually uprated from 40 to 70 bhp. By 1957 the engine was enlarged to 1.6 litres, with single and twin carburettor choices.  For 1958 the PV 544 Volvo replaced the earlier model, looking similar but now having a 4 speed gearbox, and much more room in the rear allowing for an extra passenger. By 1962 the engine displacement increased to 1.8 litres.

Volvo PV 444 tyre size was originally 5.90x15 which is Blockley radial size equivalent 165VR15. 

Volvo PV 544 tyre size was originally also listed at 5.90x15 in 1959 which is our radial size equivalent Blockley 165VR15. And by 1958 Volvo were already fitting this same size radial 165R15 tyre size at the factory as standard. See full details of this exceptional tyre below:

Blockley Products for Volvo Volvo PV 444 / 544


Blockley Radial

£122.00 (£146.40 inc. VAT)

15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.30 (£3.96 inc. VAT)

Set of 4 165VR15

Blockley Radials

£488.00 (£585.60 inc. VAT)