155/165x15 extra thick butyl radial Inner Tube

A "155/165-15" size Blockley inner tube. This inner tube is the best quality thicker Butyl tube for fitting in either a 155R15 or 165R15 tyre size. Blockley tubes are the best tubes that are made, which is the only reason for making them, as we need them for when customers require inner tubes for our Blockley 155HR15 and 165VR15 tyre sizes. Note that all Blockley inner tubes come with a high quality metal valve stem cap which are included in the price.


(£20.40 inc. vat)


Many years ago we were asked by MWS to supply a standard tube of better quality in the size 155/165-15 which we did, and some years afterwards when we made our own fantastic 165VR15 tyre (the first V - 149mph rated tyre in recent times) we decided to improve on this tube further, which lead to the inner tube we have listed here. Like all Blockley tubes, there is nothing like what we make available anywhere. So for those that need an inner tube with the correct dimensions, made from teh best material with a excellent thickness, then something really exceptional is now available. And because we sell direct to the end users and garages, missing out the middle men Classic tyre wholesalers, we are able to supply the Blockley Superior tube products at a remarkably low price. Nobody makes a tube this good. And don't forget to fit our good quality rim bands if fitting to wire wheels.

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