195/205x15 Thickened Inner Tube

A superior Blockley inner tube with good thickness made from Butyl, for use in tyre sizes 205/70R15 and 205R15. It is interesting to note that when fitting a tube in a 205/70R15 tyre, others for some reason supply you the tube made for a 185R15 tyre. No tubes you can buy are as good as what we produce, which is why Blockley produce tubes.  All Blockley tubes come as standard with a metal cap.

(£25.20 inc. vat)


These are a top quality correctly sized tube, with the tyre size it fits written on the side. Not some code which you later find is recommended for many tyre sizes. This is why Blockley has had to produce its own inner tubes, rather than source them from elsewhere. Tubes are the one thing you really should not be skimping on. There will be tubes that cost more than a Blockley, but we can assure you they did not cost more to make! And all Blockley tubes come as standard fitted with a metal dust cap, which the "expensive" brands you will note charge extra for!